The XP5 is the newest generation and most innovative Powerglide racing transmission currently available throughout the entire aftermarket. This uniquely engineered Powerglide features custom hydraulic lock-up circuitry and a specially designed lock-up torque converter, all of which is activated by a 12-volt solenoid located inside of the transmission for fully integrated and seamless operation. That’s right… the lock-up mechanism and circuitry is all SELF-CONTAINED within the transmission, and requires a simple single wire 12-volt input through our custom case connector.


Racers can now have the best of both worlds… the torque multiplying advantages of a torque converter with the efficiency of a clutch, and all in the lighter weight lower drag Powerglide format. We rate this unit for use with applications producing 3,000+ horsepower. This transmission is based on our proven Pro Mod-design XP4 transmission, which was responsible for putting the power down to the tires in the first ever 3-second nitrous Pro Mod car, and is currently in use by multiple Pro Mod, Top Sportsman, ADRL Pro Nitrous, and Outlaw 10.5 teams. This transmission is suitable for use in any extreme duty application looking for that extra performance advantage over conventional Powerglide designs.

The XP5 has the following features:

  • Reid/Hughes Performance SFI-approved transmission case
  • Double roller bearing heavy duty extension housing
  • Proprietary 1.25” input shaft manufactured from custom steel alloy
  • Proprietary billet aluminum high output front pump
  • Proprietary custom chromemoly steel bolt-in stator support
  • Proprietary custom extreme duty lock-up solenoid
  • Pro Mod 10-clutch drum
  • Billet steel clutch hub
  • Extra wide proprietary Pro Mod high static band
  • Your choice of 1.69 or 1.80 billet 9310 steel planetary assembly with straight-cut gears
  • Special carburized and case hardened planetary axles
  • Oversize extreme duty 32-spline output shaft and carrier assembly
  • Pro Series fluid release transbrake valve body with oversize rebuildable solenoid(fastest in the industry)
  • Deep aluminum pan (holds 2 extra quarts of fluid)
  • Billet dual-ring servo assembly with billet cover and custom calibrated spring
  • Full roller bearing construction
  • Custom heavy duty governor support
  • Forged and hardened band adjuster pin
  • High flow filter
  • Custom billet aluminum 1” spacer plate to accommodate increase in converter height
  • Each unit receives a comprehensive dyno test

This transmission is available in short, medium, and standard length configurations, all at no extra cost. Short versions feature a billet rear cover, and medium versions feature a special medium-length billet extension housing, which is ideal for use in suspended dragsters or very short wheelbase chassis that still utilize a driveshaft.

Short part number: 28-4XP5-69B2D or 28-4XP5-80B2D
Medium part number: 28-4LXP5-69B2D or 28-4LXP5-80B2D
Long part number: 28-3XP5-69B2D or 28-3XP5-80B2D

We currently offer the XP5 use with a Chevrolet bellhousing bolt pattern. All other applications will require the use of an adapter plate between the engine block and transmission.

The XP5 transmission requires the use of one of our custom-built lock-up torque converters. We offer both 9.5” and 10.5” designs under part numbers GM97L and GM107L. Each torque converter offers the following features:

  • Custom CNC-machined billet steel front cover
  • Custom CNC-machined billet lock-up assembly
  • Removable front cover for easy lock-up clutch pack servicing without converter disassembly
  • Lock-up clutch pack uses readily available TH400 clutches
  • Custom CNC-machined billet aluminum stator
  • Fully furnace brazed and reinforced turbine assembly
  • Fully furnace brazed and reinforced impeller assembly
  • Billet steel turbine spline
  • Full roller bearing construction
  • Precision ground billet chromemoly steel pump hub
  • Extreme duty sprag or spragless options available on GM107L models
  • Extreme duty sprag, mechanical diode, or spragless options available on GM97L models

If you want the best, most reliable, durable, and consistent racing transmission
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