What do you get when you purchase a Hughes Performance 4L80E billet input shaft?

Well, quite simply, you get one of the most advanced, durable 4L80E input shafts currently available in the aftermarket!!

So… what sets our input shaft apart from the competition?

We begin with premium grade 300M steel round stock manufactured right here in the USA. After CNC-machining each shaft right here 100% in-house and broaching each spline section, we then incorporate a proprietary 13-step (!!!) heat treatment process.

We don’t stop there, either! After our custom heat treating process is completed, we then subject each shaft to nitride treatment. Our nitriding process increases surface hardness, improves tensile and torsional strength, and increases wear resistance.

After nitriding, each 4L80E input shaft is precision ground to exacting tolerances for better-than-OEM fit and finish!

There are cheaper 4L80E billet input shafts out there, but ask yourself what steps are being skipped to manufacture a cheaper shaft before spending your hard-earned money on a potentially inferior product.

You can run the best, or get beaten by the best! Insist on premium quality precision manufactured Hughes Performance components for your ride!! 

This input shaft is in stock and can be ordered by specifying Hughes Performance part number HP2514. 

Call 1-800-274-RACE to learn more today!