The valve body of the transmission, or control valve, is the central nerve system that tells the transmission what to do, at what time. It contains springs, valves, and many fluid passages that are critical to the proper operation of the transmission.

Hughes Performance has taken liberty to improve on the numerous updates and changes provided by the manufacturer and supply you with the most up to date, state of the art valve bodies on the market today. The consistency and durability you will receive with the Hughes valve body line, is second to none.

Hughes Performance offers 3 different control valve bodies for your specific application. The first version is our automatic/manual valve body, installed on all of our “-1” street/strip transmissions. The second version is a full manual control valve body, used more specifically for all types of racing. The third version available for most racing applications is the fluid release transbrake control valve body. It is designed with drag racing in mind and is not recommended for the street.

When ordering a valve body from Hughes, please be as accurate with your application as possible to insure the best results. For further information, please call our Tech Line for assistance. Order these valve bodies to enhance the operation of your functional transmission.

Once these are installed on your unit, they cannot be returned just like electrical components. Don’t assume installation of one of our valve bodies will or can fix the operation of your transmission if it has a malfunction.

Manual / Automatic Valve Body

The Hughes manual/automatic valve body is designed for street/strip operation. It will let you shift manually or put the shifter into drive and the transmission remains full automatic. This valve body is featured in our street/strip transmissions. When shifting manually this valve body will remain in the gear until you select the next gear, and then provide you with a clean, crisp transition as you accelerate.

Full Manual Valve Body

For competition applications, this valve body is a must. It will provide full manual control over all shifts, and deliver them without delay or time costly overlap. The manual valve body is used when a transbrake is not needed, such as tractor pull, monster truck, and other track applications. Hughes Performance offers both standard shift and reverse pattern manual valve bodies.

Transbrake Valve Body

The ultimate valve body for competition, will allow you to bring the engine to maximum stall without the slightest creep or wheel movement. The Hughes transbrake valve body kits are complete and ready to install in your competition transmission. All GM units are fluid release models, which allows the fastest release time and are extremely reliable since there is no check-ball to worry about moving to release or set the brake. For the best reaction times switch to a Hughes brake and treat yourself to an experience you won’t soon forget.