How To Properly Install A Torque Converter

Episode 7

Today we’re covering how to properly install a torque converter into an automatic transmission. (more…)

Torque Converter Ballooning

Episode 6

Today’s video features technical discussion regarding torque converter ballooning as we seek to dispel some common myths regarding this phenomenon while also providing the facts about what ballooning does and does not mean. (more…)

What Is Stall Speed?

Episode 5

In this weeks episode, we’re discussing stall speed and what that means exactly! We hope this video will dispel many myths and confusion surrounding stall speed and torque converter function. (more…)

Stator Design, Construction, and Function

Episode 4

In this episode of our ongoing Torque Converter 101 series, we go a bit more in-depth in our discussion of torque converter stator design, construction, function, and operating theory. (more…)

One Way Stator Clutches

Episode 3

In this episode, we take a closer look at the various one way clutch options, design, construction, and function that are commonly used in torque converter stators, and how vortex flow within the converter affects one way clutch and stator operation. (more…)

Lock-Up Torque Converters

Episode 2

In this episode we’re discussing lock-up torque converters relative to original OEM design and function, as well as how the aftermarket has adapted and improved upon this OEM technology. We will be taking a deeper dive into drag racing-specific torque converters in a future episode, as the technology, function, and operation is a bit different as compared to OEM technology and function.