SFI-certified Transmission Shield Questions Answered

We get a lot of questions about the fitment of our SFI-certified transmission shields, so we thought it was the perfect opportunity to share some important notes and requirements regarding our SFI-certified transmission shields!

  1. These shields typically require special fitting to the transmission case. There are sometimes casting ears, tabs, etc. present on some transmission cases that will have to be trimmed or completely removed in order for the shields to fit to the transmission properly.
  2. GM shields in the HP94XX series of part numbers will require removal of the mounting tabs incorporated into the bellhousing casting of the transmission case where the torque converter dust cover would normally attach. These shields will not fit the transmission case without removal of these tabs. Torque converter dust covers will not be able to be installed or re-used in these specific applications.
  3. All of our transmission shields were originally designed for use in custom racing chassis applications such as a dragster or tube chassis door car where there will be adequate clearance between the shields, chassis, and body panels. As such, our transmission shields will not always fit within standard OEM chassis and body panels. In these instances, modifications to the chassis and/or body panels will be required by the end user for proper shield fitment and clearance.
  4. Our transmission shields cannot be modified in any way by the end user for proper fitment to their specific application. Any modifications to our shields will result in the immediate voiding of any and all SFI certifications and/or warranties expressed or implied.
  5. Transmission shields that have been installed or modified in any way, shape, or form are not eligible for return, exchange, refund, or credit under *any* circumstance or situation.

Please give us a call at 1-800-274-RACE if you have any further questions!