bu-jumping2-smAfter winning the 1st round of the Lucas Oil Regional Series at Glen Helen in April, all eyes were on Kevin Sacalas as the man to beat last weekend.  Only 1.7 seconds separated Sacalas and Gary Ferravanti Sr. across the line after 12 laps of intense racing. Ultimately, Ferravanti took the win, while Sacalas claimed the fastest lap time and 2nd place on the podium and secured his spot as the leader in the Lucas Oil Regional Series for the Ultra4 class.

Twice as many Ultra4 cars came out to compete in the 2nd race in the series, including three top 10 finishers from this year’s King of The Hammers. The additional cars made for a faster race and fierce competition.  The times were so much faster in this 2nd round of racing, that Sacalas improved his overall time by almost a minute and his fastest lap time was 2.5 seconds and 2.5 MPH faster than his original victory at Glen Helen just 6 weeks earlier.

Sacalas had this to say about the race, “Glen Helen is a fun, challenging course. I was happy to see some of the top Ultra4 cars out here this weekend, and I can’t wait until the 3rd round.  I’ve got some ideas on how to improve my times and I’m looking for another win back here in August.”

sacalas-podium-smFor those unfamiliar with Glen Helen’s short course, it was designed specifically to challenge the top cars and drivers in short course racing. The course features huge tabletop jumps, tight banked corners and the type of uneven whoops that will shake your fillings loose.  The course is so challenging that two Ultra4 cars experienced rollovers during the practice rounds.  While Sacalas did not suffer the same fate he did find himself on 2 wheels coming out of a few corners but managed to keep the rubber side down throughout the race.

Kevin Sacalas is racing this season as part of Team GenRight. Between he and his teammate, Tony Pellegrino, the team is proving a formidable force in Ultra4 this season. Pellegrino is one of the leaders in the Ultra4 Series while Sacalas is currently dominating the Lucas Oil Regional Series for the Ultra4 class. Team GenRight will next race together at Miller Motorsports in Tooele, UT on July 16th.

Sponsors –GenRight OffRoad, The Orleans Casino, BFGoodrich Tires, Raceline Wheels, Hughes Performance, Novak Conversions, RCV Performance, Spidertrax and Viking OffRoad

About Kevin Sacalas – He is a 27 year old native Californian, based out of Riverside, CA who has been off roading at the Hammers for the past 6 years in his highly modified ’01 TJ. Big Ugly was his first attempt at building a vehicle from scratch. In two years of racing, Sacalas has raced 9 races and had 5 podium finishes. For more information on Kevin Sacalas and Big Ugly Racing, please visit: www.biguglyracing.com or become a fan on Facebook: Big Ugly Racing
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