Monster Energy’s, Shannon Campbell takes the win in his KOH/IFS buggy in the second event for the Ultra4 series and 24th overall in the Best in the Desert/Bilek Silver State 300 this past weekend. Starting 10th in class but with over 100 cars starting ahead of him, Shannon had work to do. The only downfall for this remarkably built car would be fueling and for that you need an awesome pit crew! Passing cars off the line Shannon was hitting speeds well over 100mph but the temperature kept climbing and he had to back it off to 80mph to avoid the car going into limp mode. At pit 1 Shannon came in just seconds behind Loren Healy the crew was on it, fueling and pulling rear panels to get more air to the radiator. The crew tracked him on the website as he put distance between the 4400 class and passed the classes that started in front of him. Coming into Pit 5 with a left front flat and no steering due to the serpentine belt coming off, there was no shortage of hands as the Ultra4 teams came to offer assistance. Making the changes and repairs Shannon was back on course within minutes. With only one pit left Shannon would be on the home stretch to the finish line. Shannon drove the #4495 across the finish line with a time of 6hrs 6 minutes and only 1400’s, 1500’s and one 1200 in front of him.


Team Monster Energy/Campbell Racing would like to “THANK” our sponsors, family and friends who are the backbone of our race team. Without the support of our sponsors and the hard work and dedication of the crew this would not be possible.

And with no surprise Tony Pellegrino was right behind Campbell coming in second but ending third due to a time adjustment. These two drivers have been in headlines together since the King of the Hammers Race. Hughes is proud to support and say that these amazing drivers are a part of the Hughes Performance Team.