New TH400 reverse pattern manual valve body with engine braking now available! Hughes Performance is now offering a full manual valve body with reverse shift pattern and full engine braking in all forward gears under part number HP2211EBR for the TH400 transmission. The reverse shift pattern in this valve body is P-R-N-1-2-3. This valve body is an excellent choice for off-road applications that can benefit from being able to rapidly cycle from low gear to reverse and back with the reverse shift pattern all while still retaining engine braking in all forward ranges for maximum braking ability while decelerating downhill or on an off-road race course.

This valve body is also ideally suited for anybody with a street car that would prefer a reverse shift pattern but would also like to be able to downshift the transmission under power and/or load. This new valve body is a direct replacement for virtually any existing automatic or forward pattern manual valve body for the TH400, and easily installs through the transmission pan with no further transmission disassembly required. Installation of this valve body will also provide you with an ideal opportunity to upgrade to our deep cast aluminum pan available under part number HP2280 as well as install our recommended Lucas Sure Shift (part number HP501) or Lucas Extreme ATF (part number HP503) transmission fluids. The HP2211EBR valve body is in stock and ready to ship immediately.

*Please note that if you are replacing an existing reverse pattern manual valve body then you will need to partially disassemble the transmission so that the intermediate band can be re-installed into the transmission. We recommend our Kevlar intermediate band available under part number HP2251H. This band is also included in our premium master overhaul kits for the TH400 transmission. Read more… NEW! Constant Pressure Valve Body! Hughes Performance is excited to announce that we are now including an upgraded constant pressure valve body in all of our Street/Strip 700R-4 and 200-4R transmissions at no additional charge! The constant pressure valve body is a superior design that offers clean, crisp shifts along with significantly more consistent shift timing. The most exciting part about the constant pressure valve body is that the T.V. system no longer has any affect on line pressure. This means that an incorrectly adjusted T.V. cable will no longer contribute to a premature transmission failure. With the constant pressure valve body installed the T.V. cable is only used to set shift timing and provide kickdown function. You can now fine tune your T.V. cable adjustment to provide the shift timing you desire for your driving style without fear of burning up your transmission.