Andreas Arthursson of Sweden recently reset the world record for the fastest LSx-powered vehicle with an amazing 6.74 E.T. at 204 MPH.  The 6.78 pass in the video backed up his 6.74 pass to clinch the world record.  Andreas campaigns a tube-chassis Monte Carlo weighing 2600 pounds that is powered by a 2,000+ horsepower LSx engine with twin 76mm turbochargers, all of which has been built by Andreas himself.  Hughes Performance is proud to be part of this record setting pass, as Andreas uses our 28-3X-80B2D Powerglide transmission to put all that horsepower to the rear wheels.  Making this feat even more impressive is the fact that this engine still features cathedral-port cylinder heads, a hydraulic roller valvetrain, and a GM cast iron engine block.  The Hughes Powerglide transmission has provided Andreas with flawless, repeatable performance and durability all season long, and has required absolutely no maintenance for the duration of his racing season.  Hughes Performance is proud to be a part of Andreas’ racing program, and congratulates him on the new LSx world record!