Torque Converters 101 Series:

How To Properly Install A Torque Converter

Episode 7

Today we’re covering how to properly install a torque converter into an automatic transmission. […]

Torque Converter Ballooning

Episode 6

Today’s video features technical discussion regarding torque converter ballooning as we seek to dispel some common myths regarding […]

What Is Stall Speed?

Episode 5

In this weeks episode, we’re discussing stall speed and what that means exactly! We hope this video […]

Stator Design, Construction, and Function

Episode 4

In this episode of our ongoing Torque Converter 101 series, we go a bit more in-depth […]

One Way Stator Clutches

Episode 3

In this episode, we take a closer look at the various one way clutch options, design, construction, […]

Lock-Up Torque Converters

Episode 2

In this episode we’re discussing lock-up torque converters relative to original OEM design and function, as well as […]

A General Overview

Episode 1

Hughes Performance Torque Converters – Today we go over the basics of a torque converter, how they are […]

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