Heads Up Radial Tire – Torque Converter!

Cutting edge technology, unparalleled quality, and unbeatable service for record setting championship performance!

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it’s that simple!

Kevin Young

7.601 ET, 188.78 MPH, PSCA Wild Street Champ and Record Holder

Jeff Young

7.66 ET, 185.92 MPH

George Raygoza

7.75 ET, 178 MPH

Casey VanTol

7.86 ET, 175 MPH

Dee Pfinster

7.65 ET, 185 MPH

Rod Oxford

Picked up 3 MPH and 0.15 ET to the 1/8 by switching to a Hughes Converter!

Rick Webb & Levi Hanna

7.56 ET, 189 MPH

Bill Dunaway

7.73 ET, 182 MPH

Ron Shaw

9.144 ET, 158.74 MPH on REAL 255/60-15 street radial tires, no Drag Radials!!!