The Hughes Performance HP7498HD transbrake solenoid is a unique oversize heavy duty solenoid assembly that is rebuildable with our readily available replacement coils and seal kits.  This solenoid is designed specifically for use with our HP6282 and HP7482X Powerglide transbrake valve bodies.  This solenoid is also included as standard equipment on all of our transbrake-equipped Powerglide transmission assemblies.

Caution must be exercised when installing the HP7498HD solenoid into your Powerglide transmission.  This solenoid features a unique length of plunger travel that is generally only compatible with a Hughes Performance HP6282 or HP7482X Powerglide transbrake valve body.  Use of the HP7498HD solenoid with a different brand of Powerglide transbrake valve body may result in the incorrect function of your transbrake and could potentially lead to damage in your Powerglide transmission.  Hughes Performance only recommends the use of the HP7498HD solenoid with a Hughes Performance HP6282 or HP7482X transbrake valve body.


The HP7498HD solenoid is not designed to be energized for extended periods of time.  Caution must be exercised when operating a Powerglide transmission in reverse range when equipped with an HP7498HD solenoid.  Ideally, we recommend energizing the solenoid for no longer than 10 – 15 seconds at a time.  While we have had customers energize this solenoid for time periods up to 30 seconds without an issue, leaving the solenoid energized for extended durations of time may eventually overheat the coil, possibly causing the protective coating on the outside of the coil to melt. This will dramatically reduce the lifespan of the solenoid and cause premature failure.

Hughes Performance offers a special version of our popular Pro Series fluid release transbrake.  This special valve body design allows the use of reverse gear without having to engage the transbrake solenoid.  This valve body assembly is available under part number HP7482X.  This valve body may be ordered separately or as part of one of our Pro-Glide Powerglide transmission assemblies.  The HP7482X has all of the same great features as our proven HP6282 transbrake valve body, but with the addition of the “no-button reverse” feature.

Service parts for the HP7498HD solenoid are available under the following part numbers:

•    HP7499, replacement solenoid winding
•    HP7499RK, seal kit