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Product quality, the latest innovations, and already tested applications give you the advantage to win more races!

Customer service is the cornerstone of this family company. We pride ourselves in treating you the way we want to be treated. Everyone in our organization – from research to shipping – has one goal in mind: Customer Satisfaction. Experience for yourself why so many racers around the world are changing to Hughes Performance race products.


Whether you have a radical cam in your big block Chevelle, tearing up the track with your dragster on the weekend or are towing 20,000 lbs. with your Dodge Ram; Hughes Performance has the transmission to handle your needs!


Hughes Performance uses the finest parts available and with a wide variety of combinations, Hughes can build a converter specific to your needs. In order for Hughes to build your new converter, many vehicle specs are needed. These include: engine size, carburetor size, vehicle weight, cam specs, rear end ratio. trans. type, motor plate thickness, and in some cases, your desired stall ratio.


Planetaries & Gear Sets, Deep Pans, Oil Pans, Flexplates, Hardened Input Shafts, Transbrake Solenoids, Valve Bodies, Transmission & Flexplate Shields, Yokes & U-Bolts, Oil Coolers & Fans, Dipsticks and more!

Performance Parts
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Thank You From Benji Martin

Thank You From Benji Martin I have been meaning to get ahold of you, tell you a little story, and thank you for all the help you have given me over the years. I don't know if you have talked to Brad or Joe [...]

Input Shaft Evolution

The P/G input shaft spline length has changed over the years by different manufacturers, and even today there is no set length or standard length in the industry. For example, below is a picture (Fig. 1) of (2) Powerglide 17-spline [...]

HP2211EBRX Valve Body

Hughes Performance® HP2211EBRX valve body TH400 billet aluminum valve body reverse shift pattern (P-R-N-1-2-3) with engine braking

Why Do Racers Choose
Hughes Performance?

The Results Speak for Themselves

Joseph CambriaWinnerSuper Comp
Brian BellWinnerTop Sportsman
Ryan MangusJegs Allstar WinStock
Ken MostowichJegs Allstar WinSuper Gas
Phill Smida IIJegs Allstar WinSuper Street
Lynn EllisonJegs Allstar R/UTop Dragster
Koy CollierRunner UpSuper Comp
Koy CollierWinnerSuper Gas
John DiBartolomeoWinnerSuper Stock
Tom BrownRunner UpSuper Street
Rian HaywardWinnerTop Sportsman
Paul NeroWinnerTop Dragster
Timothy SchusterWinnerSuper Comp
Bradley JohnsonRunner UpSuper Comp
Mike BoehnerWinnerSuper Gas
Ed OlpinWinnerSuper Gas
John DalrympleRunner UpSuper Comp
Justin CooperRunner UpSuper Street
Patrick McNallyRunner UpTop Sportsman
Jeg CoughlinWinnerSuper Comp
Rich DorrRunner UpSuper Comp
Mike SawyerRunner UpSuper Gas
Tommy PhillipsWinnerSuper Gas
Cy HillWinnerSuper Street
Jordan PrattRunner UpSuper Street
Kyle RizzoliWinnerSuper Stock
Chad WebberWinnerSuper Comp
Mike LangWinnerSuper Gas
Mike DeCarolisWinnerSuper Street
Ted KellnerWinnerTop Sportsman
Roger ComstockRunner UpTop Dragster
Danielle Jaramillo-MillerWinnerSuper Comp
Koy CollierRunner-upSuper Comp
Kevin TheobaldWinnerSuper Gas
Justin CooperWinnerSuper Comp
John DalrympleWinnerSuper Gas
Justin CooperWinnerSuper Street
Wayne KelleyWinnerSuper Street
Lauren FreerRunner-upSuper Comp
Thomas TurnerWinnerSuper Gas
Larry RobertsRunner-upTop Dragster
Johnathan AndersonWinnerSuper Comp
Sherman Adcock Jr.Runner-upSuper Comp
Steve FurrRunner-upSuper Gas
Sandy WilkinsRunner-upTop Sportsman
Holden LarisWinnerTop Dragster
Larry RobertsRunner-upTop Dragster
Dale KoncenRunner-upSuper Gas
Lyndon RutlandWinnerSuper Comp
Koy CollierWinnerSuper Gas

WINNER – Randell Reid

Randell Reid 2018 Spring Fling Million Winner

Steve CollierWinnerSuper Comp
Ross LarisRunner-upSuper Comp
Jim CappieloWinnerSuper Gas
John LongWinnerSuper Street
Ross LarisWinnerTop Dragster
Val TorresWinnerSuper Comp
Steve JohnsonRunner-upSuper Comp
Trevor LarsonWinnerSuper Gas
Rich GivinsRunner-upSuper Gas
Doug CrumlichWinnerTop Sportsman
Sherman Adcock, Jr.Runner-upSuper Comp
Johnathan AndersonWinnerSuper Street
Tommy PhillipsRunner-upSuper Comp
Marty BlairWinnerTop Sportsman
Bill SwannWinnerTop Dragster
Bradley JohnsonWinnerSuper Comp
Mike MillerWinnerSuper Gas
Koy CollierWinnerSuper Comp
Steve CollierRunner-upSuper Comp
Ray DewWinnerSuper Street
TJ ColemanRunner-upSuper Comp
Anthony BertozziWinnerTop Dragster
Parker TheobaldWinnerSuper Comp
Marko PerivolarisRunner-upSuper Gas
Mark YeagerWinnerSuper Street
Ryan GiaconeRunner-upSuper Street
Bryan WarrWinnerTop Sportsman
Paul NeroWinnerTop Dragster
David WarrenWinnerSuper Comp
Steve CollierWinnerSuper Gas
Crystal PetersonRunner-upTop Dragster
Trevor HarkemaWinnerSuper Comp
Glenn KernRunner-upSuper Comp
Val TorresRunner-upSuper Gas
David KieselWinnerSuper Street
Bryan WarrWinnerTop Sportsman
Paul NeroWinnerTop Dragster
Anthony BertozziWinnerSuper Stock
Kyle RizzoliWinnerSuper Stock
Gabriel TorresWinnerSuper Comp
Val Torres JR.Runner-upSuper Comp
Paul MitsosWinnerTop Sportsman
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