Hughes Performance customer and proprietor of Benny’s Custom WorksMechanical Stig, shared an invaluable idea with us here at Hughes, and here is the culmination of Benny’s excellent idea!!

Benny shared with us that high horsepower Aussie Ford Barra engines are somewhat prone to loosening or even shearing their 4 torque converter bolts, and that with the rapidly growing popularity of high horsepower Barra engine builds there is a need for an 8-bolt torque converter.

Having worked with Benny to provide a Barra-spec Pro SSX torque converter and Extreme Duty Barra-spec TH400 box for Benny’s 8 Second Cresta, we knew this was an ideal opportunity to quickly meet a market need for our valued customer base down under.

Our new CNC-machined billet steel 8-bolt Barra converter cover features a dual Australian Ford BTR/ZF PCD, which means our Barra-spec converters will readily bolt up to OEM and aftermarket 4-bolt Barra flexplates as well as the all new 8-bolt billet steel flexplate offered by Yella Terra.

The converter pilot is machined to correct Barra specifications so no adapters or extension sleeves are required. Our billet Barra converter covers are designed for GM-based torque converter builds for customers using a Powerglide, TH350, or TH400 behind their Barra engine.

We can provide a correct height Barra converter build for the QuickTime Barra/GM bellhousing, Series 1 Torquepower Barra/GM bellhousing, Series 2 Torquepower Barra/GM bellhousing, or Dellow Barra/GM bellhousing.

We offer these converters in our unbeatable Pro SSX technology which offers instant boost response, the perfect balance between incredible acceleration & power management, and outstanding efficiency.

Options are available in both welded and bolt-together designs using the proven Nissan 9.5-inch core, GM 258mm core, GM 265mm core, and Nissan 11-inch core. This means we can provide an effective converter design for Barra engines producing anywhere from 500 to well over 2,000 flywheel horsepower!!

Finally, we’ve upgraded the thread pitch for the converter fasteners from the OEM M10-1.5 pitch to M10-1.25 pitch which provides more clamping force and allows higher fastener pre-load, all of which contributes to less potential for converter bolts coming loose. We include a set of 8 specially designed ARP torque converter bolts with each converter. These bolts feature a unique thin 12-point head design to provide adequate clearance between the bolt heads and engine block plate.

These unique billet converters will fit BA, BF, FG, and LPG Barra engines as well as the earlier EA through AU single cam family of engines!

Give the boys at Rocket Industries a call to place an order today for YOUR custom Hughes Performance Pro SSX billet 8-bolt Barra torque converter!!!