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The following Hughes Performance deep aluminum pan kits include pan, gasket, bolts, filter & spacer (when required) these are our old design with a ½” drain plug.


Quantity AvailablePart No.DescriptionPrice
4 availableHP3280XTH350 DEEP ALUMINUM PAN KIT$100.00 each
1 availableHP3780X700-4R DEEP ALUMINUM PAN KIT$100.00 each
1 availableHP4380XFORD AOD DEEP ALUMINUM PAN KIT$100.00 each


MOROSO lightweight aluminum transmission pans kit consists of pan & bolts. NO FILTER OR GASKET.


Quantity AvailablePart No.DescriptionPrice
1 available42000P/G deep pan (includes filter spacer)$110.00 each
3 available42001P/G shallow pan$105.00 each
1 available42020TH 400 pan$165.00 each
2 available420254L60 aluminum pan$95.00 each
1 available42040C4 aluminum pan$85.00 each
1 available42040C4 aluminum pan ONLY (no bolts)$80.00 each
1 available42060C6 aluminum pan$110.00 each
1 available42060C6 aluminum pan ONLY (no bolts)$105.00 each
1 available42080Torqueflite aluminum pan$120.00 each