A serious competition transmission designed for the oval track.

This unit is based on the very same components that made Hughes famous at the drag strip and is a must for the serious oval track racer. It can be locked in low or high gear (Circlematic) and features full bearing design, Kevlar lined low band, our red race plates and many other state of the art components. We also offer the Circlemaster transmission for the most discerning racer. Circlemaster units are locked into high gear to alleviate the need for many “weight costing” components. Anyone who has been around the track a few times can testify that all powerglides are not created equal. Call the experts at Hughes today to find out more.

Part Number
P/G Circlematic w/1.76 Low
P/G Circlematic w/1.82 Low
P/G Circlematic (Lightened)

Authorized Distributors

Goin Performance

Forced Induction Pros

Barra Swap LLC

417 Motorsports

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