When the lockup piston applies in high torque applications, an enormous amount of force is applied to the lockup piston and the torque converter cover. This is especially true in modified diesel engines and can cause the cover to flex and simply destroy the lockup lining and piston.

Hughes has done a great deal of research and development on this particular problem and has come up with the solution. We manufacture a new CNC billet steel cover along with a triple disc lockup piston assembly. This eliminates “cover flexing” which also protects the piston. In addition, with three discs doing the job of one, the lockup piston can now handle the increased torque capacity without slipping. The material used for the pistons is also upgraded, this in addition to transmission modifications that are necessary, will allow the 25-30% increase in torque output of today’s modified diesel engines.

Transmission Part Number
A618 (47RH/RE) All Dodge trucks with Cummins Diesel
48RE All Dodge Trucks with Cummins Diesel 2003-on
E4OD/4R100 HD 4 SP. All Ford trucks with Powerstroke Diesel
T1000 Allison 5 SP OD. All GMC and Chevy trucks w/Duramax Diesel
5R110 HD 5spd all Ford Super Duty Trucks w/Powerstroke Diesel

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