Servos, Covers & Assemblies

When using a full race transbrake, exceptional holding power is a must. Our line of Servo Assemblies do just that. Made of billet aluminum and dual o-rings where applicable, Hughes servos are top of the line and should be used in all of your transbrake applications.

Sprag and Sprag Assemblies

Hughes offers a wide variety of aftermarket heavy duty sprag and sprag assemblies for the racing enthusiast. These items are essential in higher horse power and transbrake applications. Added elements, forged and heat treated races greatly increase the strength of these assemblies.

Transmission Mounts

These special polyurethane mounts give remarkable suspension while retaining exceptional firmness. Very long lasting and durable, they will not dry, crack, or break. Fits most GM and Ford transmissions.

Converter Mounting Kits & Shims

All bolts are grade 8 for a stronger more reliable bolt for all stall converters. Each kit is equipped with nylon locking nuts.