Custom Built Torque Converters for Mud Racing Competition

Did you know one of our specialties here at Hughes Performance is custom built torque converters for mud racing competition? That’s right! We have several converter recipes for mud racing that we’ve developed over many years and that are guaranteed to put you out in front of your competition, just like our converter & TH400 package did for Wright Automotive.

This wicked square body Chevy took first place in the 38.5-inch tire class AND the 40-inch tire class all in the same weekend! Powered by an extremely healthy big block Chevrolet engine, our Pro-IV Series billet 9-inch mud-spec converter and Extreme Heavy Duty TH400 4×4 transbrake-equipped transmission make sure all that power turns into brutal acceleration at the axles.

Our mud racing converter technology provides unparalleled engine and driveshaft acceleration, and helps ensure balanced, efficient wheel speed so that you accelerate across the mud rather than bogging down and digging in which results in wasted energy and lost races.