At Hughes Performance we rebuild and repair transmissions and torque converters. Please call us today for details and pricing.

Performance Parts

  • Circle Track Series Powerglide Transmissions

    We are pleased to announce the immediately availability of our new Circle Track series of Powerglide transmissions!  These transmissions feature low gear only, and must be used with a functional torque converter.  Direct drives cannot be [...]

  • DIY Extreme Duty 2-speed TH400 Transmission Conversion Kit!

    We love 2-speed TH400 transmissions here at Hughes Performance!! That is why we are excited to announce our all new part number HP2205 Do-It-Yourself Extreme Duty 2-speed TH400 transmission conversion kit!! [...]

  • Thank You From Benji Martin

    I have been meaning to get ahold of you, tell you a little story, and thank you for all the help you have given me over the years. I don't know if you have talked [...]

  • Input Shaft Evolution

    The P/G input shaft spline length has changed over the years by different manufacturers, and even today there is no set length or standard length in the industry. [...]

  • HP2211EBRX Valve Body

    Hughes Performance® HP2211EBRX valve body TH400 billet aluminum valve body reverse shift pattern (P-R-N-1-2-3) with engine braking

Tech Talk

  • Tech Talk: Converters 101

    A video series to explain the basics of a torque converter, how they are built, the parts inside a torque converter, and general overview of how a torque converter works.

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