Thank You From Benji Martin

I have been meaning to get ahold of you, tell you a little story, and thank you for all the help you have given me over the years.

I don’t know if you have talked to Brad or Joe from AAMCO lately but…

So.. a few years ago I had my bad accident going through the traps in the Lumina. The car was a complete loss. As soon as I was cleared to race again, a very good friend of mine, Pat Osmundson, said hey I have my high school car just sitting in the garage. Its not as fast as your car was (its a low 11 second car) but it will get you back in to racing.

Very appreciative and excited I took the offer. I finished out the season, won a few super pro races, won a national dragster race, and made the magazine. All in all a very fun ending to a season that started out very bad.

Here we are a few years later.. I am racing a T/S car for Russ Allison with Shawn Herbst. This Last winter we took our dragster (the one that you and I went back and forth with data to get the converter working PERFECT) and we back halfed it. It was a hard tail car. We bought a back half from a car that was in an accident and had front end damage. We got it all together last winter and got it ready for this year. The goal was to set it up for SC but race it locally until we got really busy with the TS car. It started out great! I raced it in SP at 8.90. We learned the basics of throttle stop racing. I called you a few times and had questions for you early on. We lost in the finals at the second race we had basically a n