• Tommy Phillips carded his 30th national event victory last weekend!
    You read that right... 30 NATIONAL EVENT WINS!! This is quite the milestone for Tommy, a tried-and-true veteran Super class racer who has worked very hard and has well-deserved every one of those victories.
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  • P.B. Candies Makes Quickest-Ever Super Stock Pass
    P.B. Candies reset the all-time NHRA Super Stock E.T. record with a blistering 7.85 pass at the NHRA U.S. Nationals in Indy using a Hughes Performance GM95 Pro-V series 9" torque converter!
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  • Jeff Gillette - NHRA Division 7 Top Sportsman champion for the 2014 racing season!
    Jeff Gillette - NHRA Division 7 Top Sportsman champion for the 2014 racing season!
    Congratulations Jeff on the outstanding performance all season long! You worked hard and earned this championship every step of the way. We sincerely appreciate being a small part of your program.
  • Bobby Dye Jr. Walks Away With a Wally at the NHRA Toyota Nationals!
    Bobby Dye Jr. Walks Away With a Wally at the NHRA Toyota Nationals!
    Bobby piloted his Specialty Fasteners-sponsored dragster to the front of the class in Super Comp, clinching the national event win with a final round 9.063 pass at 165.38 MPH.
  • 2014 SCSN Las Vegas Xtreme Drag Radial/True Ten Five class champion!
    Chris Alston Jr. of Chris Alston's Chassisworks is your 2014 Street Car Super Nationals Las Vegas Xtreme Drag Radial/True Ten Five class champion!
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  • The Hughes Performance 4L80E Package
    Looking for the ultimate high horsepower overdrive transmission for your GM, Ford, or Chrysler product?  Is a 700R-4 or 200-4R not up to the task?  The Hughes Performance 4L80E is the solution for all your high performance overdrive needs. Click for More...
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  • Armen Maghdessian is the PSCA 2014 Wild Street class champion!
    Armen clinched the championship at the PSCA Finals in Fontana last weekend. Not only did Armen secure the season championship, but he also won the event with a 4.972 E.T. at 147.36 MPH!!!
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  • Troy Coughlin Jr. Wins Again!!!
    For the second time in his still-blossoming career, Troy Coughlin Jr. has earned drag racing's crown jewel by winning the Super Gas category at the 60th annual Chevrolet Performance U.S. Nationals in his JEGS.com Corvette roadster.
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  • James Lawrence and the Blownz Racing Team
    James Lawrence and the Blownz Racing Team
    made serious waves this season in the notoriously competitive NMCA Street Outlaw class. Dragzine.com's "Project Blown Z" re-emerged this season as a completely new combination... new engine, new converter and transmission, new chassis, new engine management, the list goes on and on.
  • ALL-NEW GM99 Legal Traction Control (LTC) Torque Converter
    The GM99 LTC converter is at the forefront of 9" torque converter technology for Super class racing applications such as Super Street, Super Gas, and Super Comp, and is an excellent option for many other drag racing applications where maximum consistency and power management is of utmost importance.
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  • Ron DeHoop is your official NMCA West Nostalgia Street Car 2014 season champion!
    Ron DeHoop is your official NMCA West Nostalgia Street Car 2014 season champion!
    This marks the second year running that Ron has clinched this title. Ron's deadly consistent Chevelle relies on a potent 434 small block Chevrolet to provide the power while a Hughes Performance Pro-IV series 8" torque converter and Pro Series Powerglide delivers the goods. Congratulations Ron! Great job this season. We really appreciate your support of Hughes Performance. Thanks for choosing us to be a small part of your program!
    Tommy started off this stunning performance by clinching the Super Comp class victory with a 8.918 pass at 170.23 MPH. Tommy then hopped in the new-for-2014 Camaro roadster and earned the Super Gas class win with a 9.899 pass at 159.27 MPH.
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What is Torque Converter Stall?

Stall speed is the point where a converter has reached it’s maximum fluid flow or it has hydraulically locked up because torque multiplication has reached it’s highest point.

All stall speed ratios are approximate and will vary, based on the torque of the engine. Small and Big Block combinations will vary 300 to 500 R.P.M.’s Stall speed is the amount of engine R.P.M. that can be attained at full throttle with the brakes locked and the transmission in gear before the drive wheels turn. It is very important to determine that if your vehicle drive wheels turn before the desired stall is reached, you must either “flash” the converter to attain higher stall or install a brake proportioning valve that directs more fluid to the drive wheel brakes to better hold the vehicle. In either case, attainable stall ratio will not exceed 3500 R.P.M., due to the vehicle braking system, which is even worse with disc brake equipped cars.

Performance engines are modified to produce more horsepower and torque and it is essential to know what the peak torque or your engine is and to match the stall speed ratio of the torque converter with the engines power curve. This match will give the optimum performance or “launch” of the vehicle. There are no closer-tied components in any vehicle than the engines’ camshaft and the torque converter. Attention to this detail is of utmost importance to your vehicle’s optimum performance.