Welcome to the future of Street/Strip converters with a 12″ lockup. Yes, you read it right. Hughes now builds a 4000-4500 stall converter while retaining a 12″ lockup cover.

This is made possible by using a 12″ cover with a 10″ top. Not only is a 12″ cover used but the piston is modified to incorporate 80% more friction surface! This solves the dilemma of higher torque producing motors exceeding the ability for a 10″ converter to retain lock up. The custom built units incorporate a ll the same features as our Performance 3500 Series.

Part Number
4L60 1982-84 27 Spline
4L60 1985-92 30 Spline
4L60 1993-96
4L60 1998-On PWM w/3 Piece Case Camaro, Firebird w/LS1 Motor

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